Henna Brows & Tinting

Beautiful brows with Henna

Gone are the days of simple, one-dimensional eyebrow looks. Women all over are embracing natural, fuller brows that complement their features and highlight their appeal. Henna and tinting are two of the most popular treatments available for improving brows, and at Mona Aesthetics, we have expert technicians who specialise in these services.

Henna is a natural, semi-permanent colour made from the leaves of the henna plant. It’s a great option compared to normal dyes, as it is safe and mild on the skin and hair. Our professionals use premium henna to produce tailored brow looks that range from subtle to significant. Whether you want to enhance your natural shape or try out a vibrant makeover, henna eyebrows are an outstanding option.

Tinting, on the other hand, uses semi-permanent dyes to darken the brows. This treatment is perfect for those who have light-colored eyebrows and wish to create more definition and depth. Our technicians are remarkably trained in tinting, and they use only the very best dyes to ensure that the results are long-lasting and natural-looking.

Your Beauty Touch-Up

Henna and tinting are both exceptional choices for women who want to enhance their brows in a natural, low-maintenance way. These treatments are non-invasive, so they won’t harm your hair or skin. Additionally, they are long-lasting, so you will not need to worry about touch-ups every few weeks. With henna and tinting, you can have beautiful, defined eyebrows that look and feel natural.

Another advantage of henna and tinting is that they are versatile and customisable. Our specialists can create a wide range of looks to fit your individual style, from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic. Whether you want to enhance your natural brows or try a new look, henna and tinting are excellent options.

At Mona Aesthetics, we prioritise the safety and comfort of our customers. Our professionals use only high-quality henna and dyes, and they follow strict sterilisation protocols to ensure that each treatment is sanitary and safe. So if you’re ready to enhance your eyebrows with henna or tinting, book your appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Henna brow tinting is generally suitable for most individuals, but a patch test is recommended for those with known allergies or sensitivities. Our professionals at Mona Aesthetics will assess your unique features to determine the best henna shade and technique for your desired results.

After getting henna brows and tinting, it is important to follow these aftercare instructions:

  1. Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for 24 hours.
  2. Refrain from touching or rubbing your eyebrows.
  3. Avoid applying makeup or skincare products to your eyebrows for 24 hours.
  4. Stay away from oil-based cleansers or exfoliators around the eyebrow area.
  5. Protect your eyebrows from excessive sun exposure.
  6. Avoid using eyebrow growth serums or treatments during the henna tint duration.

Following these guidelines will help maintain the best results from your henna brows and tinting.

No, henna brow tinting is generally a comfortable and pain-free procedure. Our professionals at Mona Aesthetics take care to ensure your comfort throughout the process.