Car Care Set


Discover the Aromatic •89• car care kit for car enthusiasts. This premium kit includes a perfumed dashboard cleaner with antistatic properties, a quick-refresh car air freshener spray, a high-quality cleaning cloth, and an elegant hanging air freshener. Keep your car clean, fresh, and luxurious with our complete care set.

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Pay special attention to your car with our new Aromatic •89• car care kit. It’s a perfect gift for car enthusiasts or those who value cleanliness and luxury in their vehicles. Our kit includes:

  • Perfumed dashboard cleaner – the product is enriched with an antistatic additive that prevents dust buildup and effectively removes grease, dirt, or liquid residues.
  • Car air freshener spray – a quick way to refresh your car’s aroma, ideal for every journey. Easy to use and fast-acting, it ensures a continuous pleasant experience while driving.
  • High-quality cloth – a soft yet effective cloth that is perfect for cleaning and shining car surfaces, ensuring they remain scratch-free and sparkling clean.
  • Hanging air freshener – enhance your car’s interior with our elegant hanging air freshener, which will provide a luxurious and pleasant scent, creating a cozy atmosphere on every journey.