What we offer!

Early in my career I developed a passion for training and helping others. I have no qualms about sharing my techniques and ideas with like-minded others. There are no secrets with me!

Firstly, I provide Basic Training for Beginners in Ombre Brows. This is the very first step to becoming a PMU Artist and there is no experience required.

All students have to bring with them is their determination! I’ve chosen Ombre Brows as the introduction to the PMU world as it’s the backbone of my business and by far the most popular treatment. Students are sent online training prior to the in-clinic days, and we keep in touch via social media. Students normally have a lot of questions about what to expect and we are enthusiastically on hand to answer them all.

3 days are dedicated to training within the clinic, and as well as a lot of theory content, I demonstrate a full Ombre Brows treatment on a live client. This is a valuable learning experience for students. They are welcome to ask questions, take photos and videos, and record notes. We focus strongly on latex practice, whereby students use the device, needles, and pigments they would use on a person on a sheet of replica skin. Then it’s time for students to perform the treatment on real clients! This can be nerve-wracking, but my team and I support the students whole-heartedly. We are dedicating to ensuring they never feel alone. It’s a real team effort, and I’ll step in to help the students by demonstrating as they go.

By the end of the training course, spirits are sky-high and I feel so proud sending my students off to work as PMU Artists independently. Over the next few months, they complete 5 case studies in their own workspace, sending photos and videos to me for guidance and feedback. We all keep in touch via a WhatsApp group so all students can stay up to date with each other’s progress, and so we can all support each other too. Students then return for their exam whereby they perform an entire Ombre Brows treatment on a live model under my supervision. All being well, they’ll pass with flying colours and gain their ABT-accreditation in Ombre Brows! I provide lifetime support as they continue their PMU journey, answering questions, providing feedback, and generally being a supportive fan of their work!

My training doesn’t stop there. It extends to accommodate PMU Artists who are already qualified and experienced but want to branch out to other areas or brush up on pre-existing skills. For example, I provide Lip Blush Beginners training for Artists who are well-established in the art of Brows but have never done Lips before. I also provide Masterclasses for PMU Artists who are qualified, but want to learn my trade secrets and unique way of creating beautiful enhancements. I find a room full of passionate, qualified PMU Artists really helps to refresh knowledge and spark inspiration. Artists come to me for Masterclasses in Ombre Brows, Hair Stroke Brows, Lip Blush, and M-Removal (because if you know how to put the pigment on you need to know how to take it off again!).

I have recently launched PMU Pro Consultations; this is a one-to-one mentoring session for anyone in the PMU industry who simply needs a listening ear or their questions answered. This is usually done online, which is really convenient for busy Artists, but I also welcome visitors to the clinic. The session is entirely led by the PMU Pro, whatever they need help with, I’ll give them my best guidance. Usually Artists have questions about specific techniques (like stretching the skin during Lip Blush) so it’s a wonderful learning opportunity for them to learn from me on a one-to-one basis. PMU Pro Consultations can be a one off, or a regular meeting. It’s entirely up to them and I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Full training available list:

  • Basic training for Ombre Brows £3950 including kit and VAT (3 days in clinic, +5 keys studies, +exam)

  • Basic Training for Lips £1950 in vat and kit (extensive course online, 2 days in clinic +3 key studies) ( only available for those who are trained in brows already if not then price and days same as ombre brows course for £3950)

  • Nano hairstroke brows workshop in group 2-6 students: £595 1 day (no models for students, demo work and practice on latex)

  • Lip blush masterclass group 2-3 people £960 inc VAT one on one £1500 including VAT

  • Ombre brows masterclass group 2-3 people £960 inc VAT one on one £1500 including VAT

  • Online consultations: zoom consultation for tips and tricks and troubleshooting or business. £50 for half hour and £75 for 1 hour.